Who we are

The Gesvatec System Identification was developed in 2004 by the Grupotec Corporation from Valencia (Spain). Grupotec provides engineering, consultancy and Architecture services since 1997, so Grupotec has more than 15 years of experience developing engineering, industrial, enviromental and energetic projects and has offices in: Valencia, Madrid, Catalonia, Andalusia and Murcia (Spain), USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil, UK, Morocco and Algeria.
Due to the success, our Gesvatec system had along the first years in several countries for protecting the legal productions of some protected varieties, in 2011 the Gesvatec Sistemas, S.L. Company was born. Our office is allocated in the Valencia city from Spain.

In Gesvatec Sistemas, S.L. we are specialists in implementing software for protecting agricultural products in order to avoid the illegal commercialization of such protected products at the markets. Since then, we are developing a range of Gesvatec products to improve the protection of the protected products managed by the Gesvatec system in order to give to the IPR Companies or breeders a very useful tool to manage the rights of the protection of any protected product in any country where the product is present.

In Gesvatec Sistemas, S.L., the satisfaction of our clients is really our commitment, and our more than 10 years of experience and our clients in more than 14 countries is the award to this commitment.