Gesvatec Label

We identify the legal origin
The Gesvatec label identifies the legal status of the protected product, so it certifies that the product comes from a legal plantation that has the appropriate license from the breeder of the protected product or it is included in the Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.) or the Protected Geographical Indication (P.G.I.).

It will be necessary to stick the label on each packaging of fruit intended for marketing in order to verify that the product is licensed by the breeder or belong to a P.D.O. or a P.G.I. (it is not required to stick the label to the "packaging unit", just on the box or pallet what contains the “packaging units”). In addition to the Gesvatec label it could be added to the packaging any trademark or additional information that the operator / packhouse or producer deems appropriate.
Characteristics of the labels


Bi-dimensional DataMatrix barcodes will be used to avoid fraud.


Each label has a serial number which makes them unique and impossible to duplicate.


The format of the label has been designed in such way to make them easily recognizable as Protected Variety.

Traceability of the legal origin

The labeling system will allow us the traceability of the product (farm, grower, packer, packing house, season, origin country and so on).

Data printed on the label
The Gesvatec labeling system will print these stickers with the information related to the protected product as:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)