Cookies policy

Cookies policy

This domain uses cookies to provide a better browsing experience and provide better service. We intend to inform you clearly and concisely what cookies are and for what purpose uses this domain as well as explain the means available for disabling them.

What are Cookies?

There is little information on the navigation on the web domain that is saved on your navigation means to recognize you on subsequent visits and analyze usage of the page.
Cookies can only be read by Internet domain that wrote and in any do not represent a danger for your PC.
Cookies help us improve the service of the page and personalize experiences and make sure I have informed him of important conditions.

What kind of cookies are there?

According to the entity that manages
  • Own Cookies : These are those created by the web accessed, which are managed exclusively.
  • Third Party Cookies : Are those created and managed by other sites but installed in or on the page which sails.
According to the timeline that are enabled
  • Session Cookies : A type of cookies designed to collect and store data while the user accesses a web page. Are often used to store information only interested in preserving for the service requested by the user on a single occasion.
  • Persistent Cookies : A type of cookies in which the data is still stored in the terminal and can be accessed and treated for one defined by the head of the cookie period, which can range from a few minutes several years.
According to its purpose
  • Technical Cookies : Are those that allow the user to navigate through a website effectively and safely. Techniques are used for tasks such as proper display of pages, videos, data transmission, etc.
  • Cookies personalization : Are those that allow preferences remembered by the user as the preferred language or other personalization.
  • Cookies analysis : Are those that allow collecting information on the activity of a visitor. As the set of pages visited, time of visit, etc.
  • Advertising Cookies : These are those that enable the management of advertising space.
  • Cookies behavioral advertising : These are those that enable the management of advertising space based on the user's browsing habits on other websites that also contain these same cookies. Such as Google Ads.

What kind of cookies are used at ''?

We use cookies technical and analysis to enable communication and to enhance and personalize your browsing experience on our website. Among the supplements which should inform and obtain the consent of the user on the installation of cookies are:
  • ASPN.NET: Complement for the creation and display of dynamic web pages. Its purpose is merely technical and user interaction. This add and cookies associated with him do not require the consent of the user. For more information visit:
  • Google Analytics: Analytical tool using a set of cookies to gather information and report usage statistics website without personally identify visitors from Google. Detailed description:
  • Google can use your browsing habits to show in the future behavioral advertising Custom. This add is initially linked to the use of other Google services and requires obtain their consent after informing. More information on cookies installed by it in:
A continuación le mostramos una tabla con la información técnica de referencia de cada una de las cookies utilizadas:

Cookie Name Entity Type of Cookie Validity Information obligation
ASP.NET_SessionId Third part Technic Session Excluded
__utma Third part Analysis Persistent Mandatory
__utmb Third part Analysis Persistent Mandatory
__utmc Third part Analysis Persistent Mandatory
__utmt Third part Analysis Persistent Mandatory
__utmz Own Technic Persistent Excluded

How can I configure or disable the use of Cookies?

Most browsers allow you to disable cookies completely. Browsers also allow you to delete cookies created by a specific web. For this you should consult your browser's help.
If the use of cookies on the browser should know that the page can not be displayed properly and not have access to some of its contents or services be prevented. For a correct visualization of the web and subsequent disposal of the cookies stored by closing the browser you can use the 'incognito' mode or 'in private' present in some browsers.
To configure or disable behavioral advertising from Google ads on any device used with your Google account go to:
If you do not want Google to show behavioral advertising based on their web behavior in your current browser installed:
You can also find more information in the help pages browsers:

Consent on the use of Cookies

By continuing browsing our website indicates consent to the use of cookies and conditions set forth herein contained Cookies Policy.
The contents of this document may be altered based on the use of cookies by the web. You should be aware of these conditions. In case of a substantial change to reference Cookies Policy will be notified produced clearly when browsing the web.